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Wicked Smart Indeed

2018-10-26 12:07
I have had the privilage of camming with Heather for almost 3 years now and have chatted with her since 2007.  I came with her here from other parts.  The very first things you notice about her are her deep blue eyes and totally infectious smile.  Both are very capable of stopping a jet fighter dead in its tracks.  She is polite and very sweet.  Please take the time with getting to know her because trust me when I say this; her best assest (and by all that is creation this woman has so many to even list) is between her ears.  Wicked Smart.  Those words are the best way to describe her and her personality.  She is "all" woman.  100%  Every man should want every woman to act as she does.  I could fill this page with adjectives with which to try and describe her to you.  My best advice, come in and see for yourself.  But be warned, you may have to wait because you will want to spend lots of time with her.  But the wait is ALWAYS worth it.  
Roleplay.  Denial.  Try Red light Green light....... I dare you!!  Most importantly, talking.  She will discuss pretty much whatever you want and she can keep up!!!!  Just get in and find out about the private time.  Its too special to ever reveal, and I respect her too much to give out specific details.  Individual sessions for sure.  For me, each and everyone is unique.  Allow her to create an experience for you that will, if I may steal a phrase, ROCK YOUR WORLD.  I just can not say specifics.  She is to classy for that kind of description.  Trust me when I say, just click private.  ?i
She is a wonderful companion and confidant.  She will brighten your day and leave a wicked grin on your face after leaving you a quivering pile of jelly from the experience.  She dresses to tease and to please.  She is adept with her toys as she is with her keyboard to keep your attention at all times.  She is the best at what she does.  Remember the key words, WICKED SMART, and absolutely beautiful.  I would love to keep her a secret and all to myself but this woman should be shared and should be experienced.  You will not regret it.  
Private show
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by gilp68

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