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Name:Erotic_Executive Age:38 Sex:Female Sexual pref.:Straight Race:White/Caucasian Zodiac:Leo   
Height:5' 5" - 5' 9" (165-177 cm) Weight:115 - 129 lbs (52-58 kg) Hair color:Blonde Hair length:Long Eye color:Blue Build:Athletic Measurements:36B
Last online:2019-05-23 11:49 CET

About myself

All-American Girlfriend Experience - Sexy voice, great body, fun times, and LOTS of smiles to keep you cumming back for MORE!!  ;)

I am an American sweetheart and pleaser!! I LOVE to know what makes you tick! I am happy to play out your fantasies, fetishes, and will keep your deepest desires our little secret!!

If it is an intense conversation, I will draw you in with my sexy voice and quick wit. If you desire a playful, mutually satisfying time, I have plenty of toys to get the party started! I enjoy sex immensely. Because I find so much enjoyment in my partner's pleasure, I am eager to indulge your requests. 

I have a lot of fun meeting new people, meeting up with my online friends, and making sure we all have a good time!! I am a private exhibitionist and having the undivided attention of someone watching me is a huge turn on for me... Nothing makes me happier than a HUGE smile on your face!

I have an all-natural body... no enhancements, piercings, tan lines, or tattoos.

Online Times:

Evenings and Late nights...  (Eastern Time in the US)

J'utilise Google pour m'aider à traduire le français. 
Utilizo Google para ayudarme a traducir español.

Uso Google per aiutarmi a tradurre l'italiano.
Ich benutze Google, um mir zu helfen, Deutsch zu übersetzen.
Ik gebruik Google om me te helpen met het vertalen van het Nederlands. 
Folosesc Google pentru a ma ajuta sa traduc limba româna.
Používam Google, aby mi pomohol preložit slovencinu.
A Google-t használom, hogy segítsen nekem lefordítani a magyar nyelvet.

Areas of arousal and play...

Blowjobs, CFNM, Control, Countdowns, Cuckolds, Denial, Doggy style, Dildos, Dirty Talk, Domination, Edging, 
Fetish, Findom, Flexing, Footjobs, Garter belts, Girlfriend Experience, Handjobs, High Heels, Humiliation, JOI, Kink, 
Kissing, Laughter, Leggings, Lingerie, Lipstick, Long Hair, Makeup, Masturbation, Matches, Mistress, Natural, Pantyhose,
Pearls, Pinstripes, Princess, Role Play, Satin, Seduction, Sexy Conversation, Sissy, Stockings, Submission, Surrender,
Sweaters, Talking, Teasing, Therapy, Toys, Vanilla, Wife, Worshipping, and more...

I am open to lots of ways to play, so just ask if there is something you would like to do that is not shown on this list!  :)



2019-05-11 09:54:12

Choo, Choo. : )


2019-04-27 04:34:20

Love the new photo.... But hey, where can we leave comments and rate photos. or is that not done here? And we need more photos... got to be able to keep new visuals in our heads. Sexy as always.


2019-04-20 14:15:53

He he he, choo choo :)


2019-03-12 10:31:20

I want you........ to get ice cream with me ;)


2019-03-04 10:47:52

Even when we are handicaped, we still get model of the day :) You are amazing ;)


2019-03-01 08:21:08

Congratulations! 1st Model of the Day award Heather ; )

Erotic_Executive (reply to gilp68)

2019-02-27 15:10:00

Thank you, Bob!! :)

Erotic_Executive (reply to smiley561)

2019-02-27 15:09:51

Thank you, Allan!! :)


2019-02-27 13:56:07

Updated gallery woooohooooo! They look great : )


2019-02-27 08:08:20

Heather is a wonderful woman. She has a heart of gold. She reaches out with so much love and kindness each time we chat. I love her company!!!!!


2019-05-19 23:59:41

Its been several months since my last review of Heather.  Time for another.  I have been spending time with this wonderful lady for many years now.  We both came here from other places so there was not a normal "getting to know one another" period.  She just captures the entire room with her infectious smile.  The smile is just the tip of the iceberg.  Her piercing blue eyes just naturally compliment her wide smile and lips that also seem to say; "hey pay attention to me too".  Her blonde hair can appear in many different styles from a radiant sassy currly to a very sophisticated long straight.  She wears all of them with confidence and so they compliment her.  She is always dressed just as the proper "Executive" would be in any business or office environment.  She is very capable of showing a flirty, sexy, sassy sensual side as well mostly reserved for private as well it should be.  Heather greats ALL who enter her room with a smile and an individual hello............. even guests.  (Just a side note guys, I realize that some do enter the rooms as guests because they haven't/won't or don't want to log in, Login for heavens sake.  It makes it much easier for the models to remember you and your name if you have a login ID..... OK!)  The greating is warm and friendly.  If you take the proper time to let her get to know you, you will find her conversation, warm, open and very natural.  She engages you and your brain.  Smart doesn't begin to describe what her brain is capable in written conversation (try keeping up with her during cam on the microphone...... I DARE YOU!)  

Private show
Camera quality


2018-10-28 14:44:57

Where do I start with Heather? The title really summarizes it for people who don't want too much detail.  If you're not immediately encapsulated by her dizzying blonde curls, or her ocean blue eyes, then I am immediately concerned about your well being. Her smile is radiating. That's just what she has above her heck. Her body is immaculate. Her personality, charm, and humor is actually why I have come back to her hundreds of time. She takes pride in connecting with every person that comes into her room and developing an actual relationship with them. 

Private show
Camera quality


2018-10-26 12:07:35

I have had the privilage of camming with Heather for almost 3 years now and have chatted with her since 2007.  I came with her here from other parts.  The very first things you notice about her are her deep blue eyes and totally infectious smile.  Both are very capable of stopping a jet fighter dead in its tracks.  She is polite and very sweet.  Please take the time with getting to know her because trust me when I say this; her best assest (and by all that is creation this woman has so many to even list) is between her ears.  Wicked Smart.  Those words are the best way to describe her and her personality.  She is "all" woman.  100%  Every man should want every woman to act as she does.  I could fill this page with adjectives with which to try and describe her to you.  My best advice, come in and see for yourself.  But be warned, you may have to wait because you will want to spend lots of time with her.  But the wait is ALWAYS worth it.  

Private show
Camera quality

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