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Article: Bites are part of the play

Nothing can be as beautiful on a woman's body as a crescent shaped bite, according to Indians. However, their famous book about the art of love also tells that bites are most stimulant if they come along with soft kisses. This state can be questioned, of course, but bites, gentle or harsh, are part of the game and can be just as thrilling as touches. Mind that soft body parts, like inner thighs or neck, should be taken only slightly between our teeth, while stronger spots, like shoulders can be bitten more passionately. In case we would prefer the second way, we should pay attention so the marks we leave shall be visible for us only, but should be covered by clothes from strangers' eyes.

There are a few basic guidelines you should follow if biting your partner turns you on:

Make Sure Your Partner's Into It
This should go without saying, but if your partner doesn't want to be bitten and says so, don't do it. It's not for everyone. Biting a willing partner can be an exciting form of foreplay. Biting an unwilling partner is assault. Giorgio Chiellini, it's safe to say, wasn't into it.


No Surprises
A surprise bite is never going to be that erotic for anyone

Never Break Skin
Make sure to mind the STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), it is easy to catch anything or give it to your partner.


Location, Location, Location
Some parts of the body are more sensitive are prone to harm than others. "A lot depends on the spots you bite, and what time during the act that you're biting," Waxman says. "Biting on the nipple while it's highly aroused might not do as much damage as biting somebody on a sensitive spot on the neck."


Work Your Way Up
Start out with the lightest of bites, or even with pseudo-bites way before bearing down with your molars. "Start by brushing your teeth against someone's neck or skin, then work your way up to something more," Waxman says. "Nibbling is a great way to gauge what somebody thinks about your teeth on their skin. Before committing to a full-on chomp, tease with your teeth and let them know you're taking a taste of them. They may say no to teeth." And as always, if things escalate beyond the point your partner's comfortable with, stop immediately.

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