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Article: Playing cards

A deck of cards can give you more than a lucky poker party or a tool for impressive magic tricks. You can use those cards to play a little game with your partner. Shuffle the deck and draw 9 cards, as we as you partner. Both of you place the cards on the sheet or onto a table forming 3 rows and 3 columns. The upper cards symbolize left hand, head and right hand, the middle cards represent left breast, belly, right breast, and the bottom cards are for left leg, groin and right leg. Pick a card turn it up and your partner turn his / her card in the same position. The higher card wins the match and the looser should tease the body part of the winner represented by the card. Take turns until all the cards are up. It is up to you to restart a game or you dive deeper :)
2016-01-27 13:42:26
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2016-01-29 09:21:15

Ohhh this article for me! I love games, I love cards... But Im not copy-cat so wont use this game for my online time BUT for sure will try it with my friends when my free time ;)
I know & Im sure that games can consolidate people... People that dont like each other a lot, shy unknown people, boys & gals which like each other but too shy to say that. Card games is the king of games for sure! I play card everywhere & with everyone... With friends in poker, with online friends in blackjack, with dad when free time, when travel somewhere...
Card games for sure the most easy games to offer to play & the most difficult game to refuse to play ;)

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