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Careful you don't slip...and fall in love

2021-09-15 13:29
Try not to fall in love.  Try your hardest.  Try your very hardest.  If you are successful you would be the first.  She looks like exactly like the girl you would take home to meet your mother.  Smilingbb is very kind, sweet, adorable, cute, playful, intelligent, fun,  I left out beautiful because once you see her photo and enter her room you already know that.  Her beauty has already captured your heart from the very first millisecond you see her.
She doesn't really do a "show".  It is more like a spell that changes you from a troll into a handsome prince.  You instantly feel like a man above all other men.  And rightly so because this wonderfully gorgeous woman has allowed you to spend time in her presence.  Congratulations, you have officially achieved an exhalted manhood!  More acurately "knighthood" because she commands your respect and she deserves no less.  For me, she transformed me from a cold-hearted and brutal MMA fighter into a handsome prince who is now deeply in love.
Yes, she is the embodiment of the woman I would want to marry.  I am hers completely and totally.  I doubt there's a woman in the world who can approach her standard. I know these sites are all about fantasy and fantasizing, but I can dream, can't I?  I know that on this site the paying members are what keeps the girls happy and the site going.  So I'm very reluctantly sharing these secrets about my queen with any potential prince out there who "thinks" they deserve her.  Please be kind and respectful for she is a precious creation of God.  You will understand after you've been in private with her--trust me it is heavenly.  I am so proud to say that I am her best lover...I think.
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by SmilingbbestLuvr

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