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Profile photos can be deceiving, Carrys' are not

2019-03-03 09:40
You know you are in a little trouble when you first open the cam and see Carrys. She has a ready smile, especially if you can be amusing, and it really is the sort of thing that makes camming such a great way to spend time.

Carrys is an intellectual, great conversationalist and can flirt like it was an Olymmpic Sport and she was one of the favourites. The promise of more is always in the air, she has a nonchalant style and dresses so well, that you can find yourself sucked in by her allure.

Carrys' appearance changes a little bit. She is rarely to be seen just sitting in lingerie, she tends to wear some pretty loose fitted or unbuttoned outer clothes that leave little to the imagination. Her body is lithe and she moves in an extremely elegant way. 
I'm not a stranger to the cam scene, I'm not a stranger to speaking to attractive women, but I consider Carrys one of the best. I have been fortunate enough to speak to her on a regular basis for some time now and I can say a few things with absolute certainty. She is a genuie person, she is great fun to have a private session with, and she makes you feel very good about yuorself. For me that's a pretty good combination.

Our sessions vary, from just chatting, to chatting and flirting, to outright teasing. We never really know how it is going to go, it depends upon the mood and how the conversation is going but that gives the whole experience a very interesting and lively feel. If things to get a little more intimate then, whilst I will not go nto details, you are unlikely to be disappointed. She is a beautiful and sexy woman who knows exactly how to use her eyes,  mouth, voice and body to maximum effect.
I completely recommend Carrys to anyone not just looking for quick gratifiction. If that's what you want, Carrys is probably not your girl, no matter how much you would like her to be given her looks and body.

But if you are someone who prefers to get to know someone, have a good conversation about a variety of topics, be flirted with a little or a lot (depending on hr mood and someties her wine intake) the Carrys is your girl. She is fun, interesting, intelligent and gets really engaged in conversation. Sometimes you can forget that you are sitting chatting to a half dressed beautiful woman as you get on to some ridiculous topic or other, and if I had one observation, the ability to touch type is recommeneded as why would you want to be staring at your keyboard all night!

As you will have gathered, I am a big fan. I am sure that if you give her a try, you might be too.

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