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Name:SexiKyti Age:28 Sex:Female Sexual pref.:Bisex Race:White/Caucasian Zodiac:Pisces Height:5' 5" - 5' 9" (165-177 cm) Weight:115 - 129 lbs (52-58 kg) Hair color:Brown Hair length:Long Eye color:Brown Build:Average Measurements:69
Languages:English, Other Followers:50

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Hey are you new here and want to make a special friend? As you sign up, follow my referral link (copy & paste or right click) - - Referred members will always receive special attention from me and exclusive benefits including hot private photos and personal messages meawwwwww ^ ^ 

What you must know about me is ... I've chosen this job because of my personal curiosity and my desire to please others. I do truly enjoy it, but it is a job to me and I'm here to fulfill my goals. I have a degree in psychology. But for now, I'm just here and I don't have any additional job or work outside the site in any way. I'm sweet and caring and want nothing but to please you as much as possible.

As a human being i think that the most important life goal is to be happy and healthy. That is all that matters for me, at least and also to have someone beside me who truly, deeply , madly is in love with me, as i will be with him. To love and to be loved i think is the most important goal in this life.  

I plan to be here at least 5 days a week. Ask me if you want to know exact days and hours.

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SexiKyti (reply to jerking2cat)

2017-11-11 14:53:42

:* thank you so much for enjoying with me sweety :) yup you felted me good ^^ kyti can be funz you can always chat with her but in same time she is naughty tooo :p sweet kisses my dear friend :*:*:* is my pleasure with you to meawww


2017-11-10 16:11:03

a really kind girl, but still naughty and lustful, spending time chatting with her is always a pleasure!

SexiKyti (reply to YourManOnly)

2017-09-08 11:11:09

awww your lil hot sun shine always always biggy ^^ damn i love you toooo


2017-09-06 19:56:23

Nothing like a litttle lil to brighten your day, a genuine sweety. Love you!!

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2017-11-15 07:09:37

This is a special room with a extremly interesting model. She got a very special atmosphere in her room. You can see she loves cats and she herself reminds on a cat. The way she moves, her eyes and her "meeeeaaauuwww"- all reminds on a cat. So SexiKyti to me seems to be the perfect name for her.
She likes to talk in her room and i have always seen her being polite, open and friendly to any guest. She makes you feel comfortable and welcome in her room.
SexiKyti is very sensitive, intelligent, curious and empathic. You will feel accepted and understood. Talking to her is pure fun.
She is educated and seems to understand you intuitively. You cant resist to like her.

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2017-09-12 08:57:02

Hmm…what does someone say when they discover their drug of choice? If you were to ask them to "review" it for you, I don’t imagine they could easily describe exactly why they’ve become addicted; they just know that in some sublime way, it makes them high and they want to keep coming back to the experience? For me, this review is like that…but I can try. SexiKyti (Maya, when you get to know her) has a warm and inviting spirit that radiates and just draws you in. Her smile, her laugh, her welcoming and seductive conversation are all magnetic.

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