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Name:Doki Doki Age:32 Sex:Female Sexual pref.:Bisex Race:White/Caucasian Zodiac:Aries Height:5' 5" - 5' 9" (165-177 cm) Weight:115 - 129 lbs (52-58 kg) Hair color:Other... Hair length:Shoulder Length Eye color:Brown Build:Petite Measurements:90-60-90
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Other Followers:192

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You either like me or you don't.
            It took me thirty-something years to learn how
                     to love myself, I don't have that kinda
            time to convince somebody else. All Right Now!

                                    Real, spirited, generous, mellow, wise, mindful, kind, perceptive, passionate,
                                    open-minded people. I also like the soft side of sub/dom, it can turn me on a lot.
                                   I also like teasing and being teased... Pleasing may follow. And your smile


Oh and smartasses! LOVING SMARTASSES!
       What about you, what do you love?:)

                                                                        I love having my body caressed, my hair stroked, being
                                                                        told I'm a good girl, hearing & seeing you... Oh My God,


             If I'm sarcastic when I talk to you,
it's either cuz I really like you and love teasing you,

   OR I don't like you & I don't care if you know it.
           Good luck figuring out which one!

                                                                 Fake people, bitterness, judgemental, rude, pushy & dull people,
                                                                            date requests, crooked attitudes, sloppy thinkers, etc.

                                 Also, I kindly advise you to keep your passive aggressive childish bullsh!t games for
                                                                            your mirror. As fun as it is.......

                                                     Cheap people - I happen to know the difference between
                                                  not affording at times, and undervaluing something/someone.

                                                      Rude, frustrated trollz - "By the power invested in me,
                                               I now pronounce you kicked and banned. You may now Kiss My Azz!"

                                                                             Minute men who don't care to take the time to
                                                                                   please and be pleased... take a hike.

     If you are looking solely to objectify,
there are plenty others that will suit you better.



     About anything else, I invite you to find out...

   Persistence may get it.Consistency may keep it.  

 in the of the   
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I am floored with gratitude...Wow!so much for your SupportLve and Time!
You are ameowzing! You know who you are.

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...none of your business, some ingredients are secret.


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   YAYThank you also much, HOLY FAWK! 

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Recent comments about Aleksandrina_See all comments (113)


2023-04-15 12:54:58

What an incredible and sensual woman!!!! Her Beauty erupts from deep within her being and absolutely captivates me !!!!! Such an unusual and absolutely stunning Woman!!! Aleksandrian, You are intense, and smoldering mix of sensuality, sexuality and incredible inner beauty.


2023-03-28 11:20:05

Aleksandrina, you are the beauty in every bouquet! You are memorizing, and a sensuous and sultry queen. You are the exception to every woman, for you are simply INCREDIBLE!


2023-02-28 19:49:36

Your content is next level HAWT!!! OMG!!! You are incredible!!! I am loving your exclusive content and your fan club photos!!!! SO FAWKIN HAWT!!!!! be still mah heart....


2023-02-24 18:22:25

You are such an incredible WOMAN! Amazing , sexy, sensual, creative and fun-loving........and so much MORE! YOU bring the sunshine to a darkened heart and give light to hope, joy and life!. You, in a word, are FAWKING PUURRRRFECT!


2019-10-16 10:37:17

i like


2019-10-14 11:45:52

Dear Peeps
The "i"-chuck attachment seems to have a faulty program with in and should be returned to an apple store a.s.a.p. for a full refund! :D


2019-09-20 22:58:38

ichuck, try instead, closely watching your own business and supporting your favorites in an actually helpful manner, rather than attacking another model's success with your quackery.

Aleksandrina_ (reply to ichuck)

2019-09-20 08:32:31

iChuck ^_^ Sweet that you watched them closely this month, I seem to have missed out a few lately :)
I do have to remind you my previous reply: your favorite girl(s) will find your support that involves privates & gifts to be more helpful, effective and kinder than leaving these comments on my page under the pretext that you have.
Nice to see you still around, enjoy yourself ;)

Aleksandrina_ (reply to Mrdiver)

2019-09-20 08:31:31

YAAAY! I mizzed you here ^_^


2019-09-20 00:35:15

I have watched the contests closely this month... this is really something to watch, and pass on to others who want to know which sites to avoid..

Latest reviews about Aleksandrina_See all reviews (8)


2023-04-03 07:49:41

To be ushered into the room where Aleksandrina reigns is an experience in sensory awakening.  She  is bright, witty, creative, seductive, and incredibly sensual.  Her smile will light up the room you find yourself in and she will greet you with that warm smile that banish the world around you,  to darkest corners and leave you to bask in her wonderful and sensual personality.  She presents herself with such ease, and grace, as to allow you to be dismissive of all the problems of your day.  She is sexy and always incredibly sensual in her presentation, exciting the heart with anticipation.

Private show
Camera quality


2019-04-23 01:07:37

Aleksandrina is a true beauty. Her eyes sparkles with the depth of her inner soul, her smile warms every part of me.  She radiates care and compassion so deep and a sensuality that is both alluring, enticing and demure all at once.  All the while still keeping just the right air of mystery. Aleksandrina also has a playful and mischievous side.

Such a tantalizing way of drawing you in and teasing. Her teases are not simple displays or flashes of nudity.   They range from brief glances, momentary gestures and the slighest shift of fabric, to long sophisticated journeys of discovery of her body and mind as she probes yours. You will soon find your yourself captivated and wanting more.
Be a genuine, open, honest, heartfelt person and she will open herself to you. Her effervesence melts my heart.

Private show
Camera quality


2019-04-22 06:44:29

Aleksandrina is an incredible light!  Her smile is enough to end world fighting, and her Gorgeous eyes will melt the polar ice cap for a decade.  She welcomes all sincere individualls with a heart that can not fit teh continent of Africa.  She will not suffer the fool or the ignoramous, and will cut them down to the dirt with her quick and unique wit.  She is charming and engaging and has love for all that are honest.  I have come to know this woman well, and she lights my heart with her smile. So giving and compasionate!  She exudes sensuality that flows with every curve of her glorious body, flowing from treasure to treasure. The delight of discovery, of her every curve is  without rival.   I long to bury my face in the nape of her neck and pass my tongue along her soft, sensual lips.   This is a woman without equal.  Treat her right and she will provide delight for the millennium to come.  She is a treasure !

Private show
Camera quality


2018-03-17 08:02:35

The minute you enter her room you become mesmerized by her amazing smile and those incredible Brown eyes.  I know I was and if you have visited her and weren't affected the same way you need a soul check.  She had me from the moment I saw her. Her smile and good nature are genuine.  They emanate from inside her and bathe every one she comes in contact with in her warm glow.  She definately brought light into my life.  This is not going to be your typical review in that I am not going into details about my private time with her.  Suffice it to say she touched me like I have never been touched.  She brought feelings out that i had shed ages ago.  She turned me on like no one has ever turned me on.  This old guy was blessed to share some time with her and I am forever changed as a result.

Aleksandrina is probably the most amazing Lady, and she is a lady in every sense of the word, that I have ever had the priviledge of spending time with.  In our short time together I came to realize that she is a beautiful, intelligent and compassionate soul more so than anyone I have ever met.  She makes a person feel wanted and special just by the way she looks at them and the attention she gives.  She can be a bit opionated but that adds to her charm.  I view it as one who is fierce in her beliefs and shows an unwavering commitment to what she feels is right .   She brings this into her time that she spends with you.  She is sexy, sultry, sophisticated and one of the most sensuous women I have ever known,  If you have the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her i promse you will be captivated by her charms.

She has a quick wit and and easy demeanor that makes you comfortable immediately.  Shew ill go overboard to please you and please she does.  But remember fellas.  This time we spend with these ladies isn't about just our needs.  It is about theirs as well   Treat them as ladies and not as objects and your rewards will be tenfold.  But I digress....  If you give her the attention she deserves and put her before your needs you will find that she is the most giving and reciprocating woman that you have ever spent time with. In short terms, she will blow your mind.


Private show
Camera quality


2017-10-16 16:09:16

Aleksandrina_ is a wonderful person to know, i have known Alek for many years and even with the cow theme do not let it fool you because Alek is a wondeful human being.
Alek is beautiful from the head to the toe's with an amazing cheeky smile and a very cute laugh ;) Alek likes colourful words, but do not let this intimidate you because underneith she is really a softy at heart. Alek is one of my best friends a treasure i will always cherish is the friendship i have with Alek. Alek's personaility is so unique that you will never forget Alek i know i never will, so just pop by, be nice and respectful and you will discover a truely amazing person to know. not to mention how well Alek can tease you :P

Private show
Camera quality
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