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Name:AARUNYY Age:36 Sex:Female Sexual pref.:Bisex Race:White/Caucasian Zodiac:Taurus Height:5' 5" - 5' 9" (165-177 cm) Weight:145 - 159 lbs (65-72 kg) Hair color:Fire Red Hair length:Shoulder Length Eye color:Brown Build:Above Average Measurements:
Languages:English, French, Romanian Followers:101

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About me

Me..? im childish, im moody,  sometimes maybe too sad  or maybe i just  dont know yet how to react at whats happening in my life  to be able to  not let things affect my mood :)
 I have time for you , to get to know you better! always enjoying a good  smart chat  but if you are in a horny kinky mood..i think i can resolve that issues also :) 
Of corse i do have my limits, i would  like alao to enjoy  ..... but you can take time and ask me about them ! 
I love my dog , i like ice cream and sweets :)  i cant give  up YET  at sugar :) 
I looove to play Catan  and go to opera house or  theatre...
No, i dont drink alcool and i dont smoke, sorry for all who have this fetish with smoking ..here I will not be able to help you! 
I like to have dif colours  in my hair because im an Unicorn :) 

if there is anythin you wanna know  about me,  dont be too shy and  ask me ,  in pm msg or a privat chat, i will  try to answear :) 

if you wanna make me smile, offer me gifts :)  ( join my fan club  or spend some time with me in a 1- to 1 session , you will definatly change my mood )        

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• 60 tk: to see my ass
• 150 tk: stay in doggy
• 500 tk: i love you
• 1000 tk: be my hero
• 5000 tk: see my cute personal videos -kinky ones
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AARUNYY (reply to jose_69)

2023-11-14 00:46:39



2023-07-12 04:22:12

she is a really gorgeous girl!

AARUNYY (reply to Tookachinchila)

2023-01-16 13:50:00

merci :) mdr. bisous :)


2023-01-15 19:41:52

Super show

AARUNYY (reply to bemylove)

2022-12-13 15:51:27

size inanmiyorum :) neden yalan söylüyorsunuz ..? simdiye kadarki en kötü kizim :) haha ??saka yapiyorum. alnindan öpüyorum seni! çok çok tesekkür ederim


2022-12-13 15:49:12

i love this girl, she is amazing, she have so big vibe and enregy :)

AARUNYY (reply to antonio7)

2022-12-07 20:54:19

thank you from all my heart! :* kisses on your nose :)

AARUNYY (reply to Tookachinchila)

2022-12-07 20:53:38

merci :) :* bisous


2022-12-07 20:51:50

Amazing girl. Beautiful body and cherful character!


2022-04-15 16:57:15

a fantastic woman with the most beautiful breasts in the world

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