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Article: Mentol

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Everybody is familiar with menthol, but very few had actually used it during foreplay. Menthol has a cool soothing effect on the skin and your body's senses. However it has a bit different effect if you use it with your partner. Take some mints into your mouth and excite her (his) skin with your cool kisses. Lips, nipples and the neck are very sensitive to such effect. If you use mint during oral sex that will make it longer to come as well as a very intense orgasm. As with any other stimuli avoid to use it too often otherwise the 'magic' will disappear. Menthol is also good for spicing up a blowjob. How? Menthol causes a similar sensation of ice, but without risking to lose the erection due to excessive chilliness. Put a mint in your mouth or take one mentholated cough drop and give a blowjovb to your partner like that. Believe us, it will have a good effect and your partner will like it! menthol can work wonders and enhance the sexual experience like you wouldn't believe.
2016-03-07 13:46:22
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2018-10-03 08:01:57

As in school, only there is not enough teacher, and a lot of jokes from the guys. Well, thanks for the informative dialogue, I will use the advice when I have a boyfriend hehe



2017-01-21 04:50:49

Menthol is wonderful in combination with ginger.
And also with BlackAmber)

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