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Article: Relaxing with a bath ball

After a few days of nastiness it is advised to take a break and turn towards more restful activities, and as the weekend nears it is time to think about small little things that we miss during the weekdays. It can be an intimate hot bath together, preceded by attentive preparations. On times like this candles, soft towels are some of the basic ingredients. But it is worth shuffling some playfulness among these moments as well. And what is the most fitting than a bath-ball. They come in different scent and material and they are not to be ignored in aspect as well, when these balls fizz, rotate in the water, sometimes sparkle or dissolve flower petals. If you are creative you can make your own bath bomb at home. The key ingredients in a bath bomb are sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, essential oils, and color. They may also contain some miscellaneous goodies. You can find good recipes on internet, like this one.

If you use bath bombs and you would like to share your ideas, tips do not hesitate to make a comment on the article below.
2016-01-27 13:52:06
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2016-01-29 09:33:22

Ohhh I love bath from early childhood. I had it twice per week for sure before :))) Of course with music (listen music, sing...)
I used different things to my bath... Special salt, oils, balls etc. Honestly can say that I stopped on oils but bath balls made my days before :) I so liked to play with them while it melted.
No matter what u use in bath.. oil or balls.. Important word in this article is "Relaxing". So relax & enjoy that time!



2016-01-28 06:58:52

Uuuu! I have one that looks almost like in the photo - the purple one on top, with star designs on it ^_^ Thank you for the reminder!
A tip for hot baths: When you're done with the bath, when rinsing your body in the shower, be present and visualize all the negative sheet you absorbed lately wash away and go down the drain.
Creative visualizations can have an awesome effect - & You will literally feel the unnecessary fucks evaporating from your body! :)

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