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Article: The Real Man

All girls wait for the 'Real Man', those who are single and even those who are already in a relationship. What is the real man like? There are millions of replies from females what the real man should be like. Most of women say that the 'Real Man' is the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to, is one who will respect her dignity, who will honor her like the valuable treasure she is. However a lot of girls think that a 'Real Man' doesn't exist, he is impossible to find. Others do not want someone like him. Additionally, some men think they are the very definition of a 'Real Man'. Other men feel there is no such thing. One thing is true, though: men who think they are the very definition of a 'Real Man' and those who think they are not are both very often wrong.

Unfortunately today's tendency is that manhood is reduced to sex drive and muscles and money. In fact masculinity is far away from that, this is not what women look for necessarily.
Dear girls, what are the characteristics of the real man for you? Share your ideas with commenting on the article below:
2016-01-05 14:26:03
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2018-10-03 08:10:24

No matter how women think, I think they just need a person, just “Real Man” who will be there forever. And quality is one of the billions of concepts and stereotypes of people. Open your eyes please, we are not the ones we think out and try to see every day. We are just we, and man is the same as us. I love all people, and I like every mistake I give,



2016-09-15 21:06:14

In my opinion only love and care to woman makes a man "real"



2016-02-15 08:02:26

Someone who can last longer than 5 minutes in bed... that's the REAL MAN... lol
girls, agree?



2016-01-06 06:39:27

Hello, i may say woow........wonderful articles and intersting comments !
Have a good 2016 everyone , with health and all dreams become reality !



2016-01-05 20:35:02

Uuu! What a great topic, thank you! That first line of the article says a lot: women who sit on their asses "waiting" for a Real Man, even those "in a relationship". First is the "wait", what a waste of precious time. And second, how could someone expect to find 'that-something' while settling for less in meantime? Might as well go to the North Pole waiting to get a tan...
How many of us claimed at some point in our lives to want/need to find certain qualities in another in order to be happy, but didn't cultivate these qualities within themselves, or even handle them when faced with? (been there, lol)
I feel that most types of relationships are healthier and more fulfilling when they flow as a sharing, instead of a place where one plays an empty box and the other is expected to come and fill it like a saviour riding an dragon; those games got old and harmful.
Helps to reconsider what "Real" means- and the hellava inner work behind it- instead of dreaming of a prince to show up and give their life the value and the happiness that they didn't bother to create themselves or even do their moves towards in their own lives first.
I'll name just a few of the traits that I see unfolding in my kind of Real Man, naturally: Respects himself (where the Respect and Care for everything else comes from), is Open-minded, Playful, Generous, Mindful, in touch with his Sexuality and Emotions (emotional health is sexy af), Head in the clouds but feet on the ground, Wild, Passionate, True to himself, Owns His Shit. oh & owns a huge popcorn machine, a unicorn so he can pick me up for hugging and feeding animals, stargazing and kissing cow noses, etc. Well, that escalated quickly, lol
^Legend says that my list is still going^ :D
For the dark side of wishful thinking, a Real Man/Real Woman is mostly a process, rather than the shining-armor-butt-flap-onesie-prince(ss) you see in movies, so it takes one to see one.
I also like this : "You Keep Me Safe, I'll Keep You Wild" :)
*drops mic*



2016-01-05 18:38:26

My opinion that for beautiful man looking only stupit ladies. OMG how it can be the most important thing in MAN??? Beauty for women. Man should be man! Maybe Im old in my thoughts but I think that "Real Man" should be strong in his soul & mind, be great father & loving husband, man who can find money even when he doesnt have any constant job just bcs he or his family needs it. "Real man" for me is the man with whom u will feel secure & confident in the future. With whom u dont need & dont want to say "Im single" just to get acquainted with someone else.


NoNeedToArgue (reply to jimjam)

2016-01-05 14:53:17

I am really interested in women's opinion, what a real man is like, comon girls :)



2016-01-05 14:47:23

I disagree a bit. According to my experience if a girl always knows everything then she will create false theories sooner or later. I guess it is important to be honest but better not to share everything with your partner. Everyone needs a bit privacy, even in a relationship/merriage. Sorry, maybe it is not a nice comment but this is my opinion

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