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Article: Light as a feather

Weekly tips for a better sexperience

Have you ever felt the shiver running up on your spine? Do you believe or not our skin is much more sensitive to light touches and pressure than anything else. You can turn this phenomena to sensual foreplay. Take a feather, a small and soft brush. Draw lines and curves along her or his body the sensitive areas (wist, groin, breast etc.) as long as you can, then slowly approach it without actually touching it. You can make it even more joyful by using cold or warm liquids, like cold water or warm honey. By switching the cold and warm sensation you can really send that shiver up on her or his spine! Don' t forget the longer you paint, the greater the pleasure will be at the end of the play.
2015-12-14 16:47:23
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2016-01-06 06:39:00

Hello, i may say woow........wonderful articles and intersting comments !
Have a good 2016 everyone , with health and all dreams become reality !



2015-12-18 21:45:03

Having read this I am thinking who would enjoy it more - men or women... I feel that men..That would be super teasing ;)



2015-12-17 11:32:13

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